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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 13, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ >> mark: hey, good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm mark steyn in fort tucker, who has gone fishing, but don't worry, he's casting aside for sal wester and he will be making a special appearance right here just a little later, so don't miss that. but first, in the days as jeffrey epstein's apparent suicide in a new york jail house, the circumstances of his death are only growing ever more bizarre. fox chief breaking news bicorrespondent trace gallagher with the latest developments. trace. >> fox news can now confirm the warden of the metropolitan
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correctional center has been temporarily reassigned in the wake of jeffrey epstein's death. so have the two guards on duty the morning epstein was found. it's notable, one of those guards reportedly wasn't even officially a guard, rather a corrections employee filling a void. cbs is also reporting on the morning epstein died there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell and that corrections employees tried to revive him saying "breathe, epstein, breathe" and almost 40 minutes before abc news reported epstein's death, someone posted the unverified details on 4chan, that's the anonymous and online current to message board. now says it did not come from fdny.he meantime, "new york times" james b stewart says jeffrey epstein told him that he had dirt on some of silicon valley's elite saying he'd seen prominent
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figures in the tech world doing drugs. "they were regular users of recreational drugs." but stewart goes on to say epstein neverer named names and the fbi has no rated epstein's compound in the virgin islands seizing at least three computers. the raid was apparently part of attorney general bill barr's ball that coconspirators should not rest easy. and epstein's death is also raising new scrutiny on prince andrew. a woman who accused epstein of sexual assault claims he paid her to have sex with the prince. buckingham palace denies that allegation. >> mark: thank you for that, trace. aside from getting everything wrong, they were able to get it onto 4chan an hour before the news was officially released. that's good to hear. what's next for the epstein investigation now that the subject f is deceased. a former department of justice
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official and knows how these investigations work. francie joins us now. there's not a lot of public trust out there so at this stage, francie, people don't know whether they are all landing on that caribbean island in order to ensure the hard drives are taken to the mainland or whether there there to ensure the hard drives wind up sleeping with the fishes like the guy whose computer they belong to. this is a kind of public trust crisis for federal justice, is it not? >> it really is, mark. it's a crisis, certainly for the department of justice. i am just baffled that it was only after epstein's death that they have gone to this island and seized devices. i do not understand why, when executed the search warrant when he landed from france, when they initially arrested him a few weeks back, why they weren't also executing warrants at every single residence that he has across the world.
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if he had, he certainly coulded have destroyed evidence. on a call from him. i do not understand why they were not executing warrants before now. >> mark:n' it's a bit like that business in the las vegas shooting where the guy's house was broken into, whatever it was, three or four days after the massacre. you feel that this island should have been secured with a bit of yellow police tape beforehand. i want to know whether there's actually going to be any serious investigation of the conspirators. apparently they don't know where maxwell is, epstein'sel gal pal and alleged procurer for these alleged 15-year-old girls. is that unusual, that they wouldn't keep tabs on her whereabouts? >> it is, mark. maxwell is a little bit of a mysterious figure in all of this i think. she's sort of running around the fringes of high society in
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manhattan and london both before and after epstein was prosecuted initially down in the southern p district of florida. i don't understand where she is, i don't understand why they indicted him for a conspiracy without indicting anyone else. i don't understand why they haven't executed an awful lot of search warrants on all these coconspirators against whom i think the nonprosecution agreement isis invalid. i think they can all be prosecuted to the extent any of them actually were, conspiring with epstein. >> mark: just on that point, because when you say these agreements, you're referring to the deal that was done a a decae ogo, which was also by the federal justice system, but in florida. and now in new york. but still within the federal system. can actually undo that 2007 dea deal? >> mark, that is a great question. it's really interesting because the party to the deal was the
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federal government and jeffrey epstein. those other people were not party to that deal. they did not do anything to get that deal. they didn't do anything to screw up that deal, it was all epstei epstein. so i think that deal is completely invalid as it applied to any coconspirators wherever they are in the country. >> mark: that's a fascinating point, thank you for that. as you said, the party of the second part is pushing up daisies and none of these coconspirators were in on that agreement. that is actually a verypira interesting point. thank you. the jeff epstein investigation isn't just sorted, but thanks to hisey many powerful friends, it also has serious political and cultural implications. tammy bruce, host -- get tammy bruce right here on fox nation. if you go to fox nation you don't have to watch any of the other stuff, she's more than worth the price of the subscription alone and it's
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always great to have tammy with us. this story seems significant in a broader sense in the way the harvey weinstein exposure did. >> yes, and besides, of course, every time you talk about it you need to go take a shower or carry lots of purell in the meantime. they operated for decades in high society, politics, culture and business, in a way with impunity. it's a combination of who they knew and apparently they felt the people they knew within the system, people like the clintons, as an example, for weinstein and epstein, was this sense of protection in the system itself and even after that first conviction in 2007 and being branded and having to register as a sex offender, 13 months in a little work prison where you get released every now and then. he still operated, as he always had been buried there was still a sense that there was going to
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be no repercussions. i think that what this now shows us like it did with weinstein and so many others, not just of the #metoo movement, but that and the collapse of men like this is an indication that as the democratic party collapsed with hillary's failure, it's kind of like a dam broke or at least begin to leak when it came to the protection system that surrounded individuals like this, so it's a major indicator of at least a change in mentality of what we are willing to put up with and the actual removal of people being able to control it protection framework. >> mark: well, you say -- it's a very interesting choice of words, you say "they." the "they" around jeffrey epstein includes president clinton, his royal highnessey prince andrew, and yu look at these flight manifests they say president william jefferson clinton, his royal highness the duke of york and then itsal mandate, candy, bran,
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trixie. we are supposed to know -- the point of these things as we are supposed to know who's on explains, not that there's a 15-year-old girl with a single christian name on it. is there any plausible reason why president clinton or prince andrew for these governors, senators, prime ministers, should have been on the lolita express? >> we would ask this now and for some reason in a different point of view -- clinton, by the way, denies having gone to any of the islands. >> mark: the flight manifests say otherwise. >> there's a contradiction there but of course we should know.he but now you're looking at people with billions of dollars with a sense of immunity when it comes to whatever it is they may do and this is one of the reasons why trump was elected. we noticed at the surface even that there seemed to be a different set of rules for people who are running things, then there is for people like us. but what we are finding here is -- i think it's still just the tip of the iceberg that this may explain the level of the
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panic and the weird frenzy of loathing and hatred ofof donald trump. not only is he in charge of the secrets, or at least they are available to him, but the system that people were lying relying- it's not gone completely, but this is what's at stake here. i think that if americans see what's going on, they'll want -- if they would like, i think -- would you like "law & order" and we like people having to face justice and get there are still some unanswered questions clearly with mr. epstein and we are going to find out what whether or not it will all come together. >> mark: let me just ask you a quick finalr. question. with hollywood, harvey weinstei weinstein, girls were dropping into your lap if you are a powerful guy in hollywood, that's just the way it is. do you seriously think that there are politicians who were in on some kind of system to route under age girls to them? >> all of that would have to be
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speculation. we don't know. maybe in some cases yes, in other cases know. remember that mr. epstein is so connected that his lawyers -- the first arraignment on the first deals that were made were ken starr and a man i admire very much and others do, alan dershowitz. you're looking at such a broad base of influence in france, many in all likelihood had no idea what was going on and others perhaps did. >> mark: we've got to go, tammy. >> we will find out. we need more varied >> mark: see you in his chair in a couple of days' time. thank you, and tucker is going to be her. hanging up the fishing cabin just a few minutes. cnn's chris cuomo has a newly- newly-chosen racial dog whistle. the full video of the governor's brother is after the break. here's a preview, you'll enjoy this. >> in the godfather. the week brother. >> [bleep] insulting your people. it's an insult to your [bleep] people. ♪
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♪ >> mark: the democrat primary is heating up. the next round of debates in september have a much higher barrier for entry and the candidates are scrambling to qualify.y. one guy on the brink of getting in is billionairera climate activist tom steyer, who has managed to win over at least a few democrat voters, probably by playing an unhinged maniac very convincingly on tv. >> for two years we've been saying "impeach this man and get him out of office because he's broken the law, because he's met
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the criteria for impeachment and because he's a racist." that's all we've been in the background. if you see one cockroach with donald trump. all the cockroaches are rightht there. >> mark:ther notwithstanding his cockroach-phobia, he may be the height ofth mental acuity compad to front runner joe biden, and he's got more supporters than bill de blasio, who can't even get 20 people to show up at the iowa state fair to see him. chris holds joins us now. tom steyer a serious candidate for the white house? >> forer god sake, this is all such a horrible cable television show at this point. tom steyer, listen, is a san francisco billionaire hedge fund manager who made piles of money on coal and coal mines, and on private prisons. i think this guy is supposed to be the antithesis of everything
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today's democrat party represents, but he spent $10 million in order to get 130,000 people to donate money to him. it's not clear whether they've donate the equivalent of that $10 million, but it cost him $10 million to get the population of the city of south bend, indiana, to give him money. sort of money out of one pocket into the other pocket. and honestly, he's a cold billionaire.s he is a private prison billionaire. he is ahead fund manager. isn't he everything with the democrats hate? >> and he seems like the kind of guy who should be buying a president, not actually mistaking himself for a president. >> very 21st century. if you don't just pay for the politician like in the old days. the last time a rich person bought their way and like this may have been john f. kennedy. i know some would say it was from, but it really isn't. it may have been john f. kennedy. trump is a very different case. this guy is just -- money out of
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pocket to buy his way onto the stage. now he's got to buy a poll that will allow him to qualify for the debates and then he can really start raising other people's money as a billionaire hedge fund manager who got rich off of: prison. >> mark: he should really just buy gallup and he should have the polling problem solved right there. that's what i do. let me ask you about -- because we all enjoy the story, and you have t been calling chris cuomo for many years. this -- we've seen this brilliant ability at lifting weights while lecturing people. we've seen that many times on the show. now we have a new of governor cuomo's brother. a critic approached him using a nickname that chris has used himself in the past. look at what happened next. >> don't believe insult me like that. >> i didn't insult you. >> you like that? you want that to be your nickname? >> i didn't call you that. >> you know my name is not
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[bleep]. don't be a liar. i will throw you down the stair stairs. >> mark: i think the bleep machine can retire to the bahamas with all the work it was getting. what you make of this? he says being called frito is like the n-word to italians. >> the danger of anabolic steroids i think. if the idea of calling -- there are squares for italians, and most of us know what they are. one of them is not that. i'm fairly expert on the movies, calling someone that is an insult. you're calling them stupid. you're calling them incompetent. you're calling them bumbling and certainly all those terms apply to chrisis cuomo. i think is demonstrated that again and again. support controlling our southern border. you're a racist. you support reducing government spending, you're a racist, and
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now you call chris cuomo dom and you're a racist? honestly? he's playing the italian card? that's what's happening here? it gets more and more absurd. i think they've worn the word down to a nub. at some point we're just going to have to eliminate it the lexicon andav come up with a new word. >> mark: i think we might also have to eliminate swearing as any kind of transgressive -- i mean, when someone comes up to you in a restaurant, do just go this fall blizzard of f words like that or does it take you 1520 minutes to crank up toe i? >> i'm much more emotionally and mentally stable, obviously, then chris cuomo. that's not setting the bar very high. you know, if you're you, you know -- you've had the experience. if you're on fox news, targeted by left-wing websites. then you have people -- i don't want to be too dramatic, but that don't like you and want to say bad things to - you. we will just leave it at that. and as an adult, of course, we are expected to behave as
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adults. if chris cuomo -- and cnn is standing by their man. this is fine with them threatening. the raid on a flight of stairs. >> mark: it is. thank you for that, chris. i usually just say all of you biters. that's an even more racist dog whistle. more than 60 million americans of all races voted for donald trump in 2016 and according to msnbc, every single one of them is an evil person. every single one of them is a totally racy, racy racist. >> you don't get to say i'm for racial equality at all these good things and i disagree with them there, but i like is economic views. >> you own the blood that happens. >> used to be we are against illegal immigration but we are for legal immigration, that was the part of us historical stance. now it looks like under donald trump, the republican party is hostile towards all immigrants. >> if you are holding to y
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supporting a president that is cajun brown babies and you are okay with that, then i'm sorry, that is supporting racist policy and that is not distinct from supporting a racist president. >> mark: and what is the solution for this rampant racism? msnbc contributor says he knows. trump voters have to be annihilated. >> these trump supporter's are just as complacent complicit iy as the man himself. >> don't communicate it to them, you beat them. they are not a majority of his country. the majority of the right people in the country are not the majority of the country and all the people who are not full but does need to come together, go to the polls, go to the protest, do whatever you have to do. you do not negotiate with these them., you destroy >> mark: you destroy them. associate editor at reason and the author of "panic attack,"
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young radicals in the age of drum, and he joins us. is this a smart move for democrats and liberals to go down this path? >> i guess we will find out but i can't imagine that this is a sound and winning political strategy to tell the exact kind of person you need to bring back into the democratic fold. rural voters, moderate voters, people who didn't like hillary clinton and maybe wouldn't have supported republicans normally? people in rust belt states in the midwest. there's no way telling those people they are irredeemably racist and there's nothing they can do to solve that, just by virtue of being what you are already no good and you should be annihilated, by the way is a popular idea sort of in academia, coming out of the vere progressive, woke wing of sociology critical studies, et cetera, the check your privilege micro questions, alltu that, which is making its way
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into the broaderin culture. had a few minutes in the last debate, right, where kirsten gillibrand and others had to check all the privileges and explain how they would lecture and prorate white women who voted for trump and so on. all of this is so self-defeating and it worries me that we will never have an intelligent debate over policy one is just this name-calling and shaming that turns everyone off. it turns them off, we know that. polls show that so it's a terrible idea. >> mark: you think of some of these broken down rural communities, the mills of gone, the factories of gone, there's no word -- hollowed out by heroin and opioid addiction. in these states where 100,000 folks could turn things in 2020, do you think these -- do you think the people on msnbc seriously think these broken down white communities live lives of white privilege?
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>> exactly. i was at a protest at the university of michigan covering it and a liberal protester once said we are not trying to convince anyone, because we're not going to win them anyway. there's no way we could attract new people to our philosophy. so we have to scare them or we have to intimidate them, we don't want them to feel safe leaving their homes probably are going out to restaurants. that's the sentiment in the expression. there's no more debate being had where -- we've written off this part of america and we are not speaking to their issues. >> mark: and likewise, you can't convince an msnbc guy for the president and his voters aren't racist. anchor for that. hundreds of thousands of people in hong kong -- millions indeed, protesting against beijing. should the united states do anything to support them? that's coming next on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ next on "tucker (music)
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>> mark: facebook has always been a creepy company, making billions of dollars -- it turns out they are even creepier than wewe thought. facebook has just admitted that it hired hundreds of contractors and paid them to transcribe the audio recordings of people. facebook says they did this to see whether there automatic transcriber was working properly. but of course, that's what they'd say no matter what their real purpose was and facebook did all of this without ever warning users that their audio messages would be listened to by third parties who would write it all down. facebook say they'll stop doing that from now on. obviously they'll just move on to somein other way of making te world works. remember with s facebook, you ae the product and they are selling
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you. t we will be sure to tell you about it right here at "tucker carlson tonight." citizens of hong kong have been protesting against their country's communist government for almost four months, but instead ofen slowing down, those protests are getting more and more defiant purity yesterday they swarm the airport, one of theer world's busiest and forced it to shut down. some protesters have been seen waving american flags, even singing the american anthem and for old-school imperialists like me,ia there have been plenty of union jacks out on the street, the old colonial power. today president trump announced that china has moved troops after the border between hong kong and the mainland, but so far, he has avoided any other involvement. should that remain the case? gordon chang is author of the book "the coming collapse of china," he joins us now. carrie lam, the chief executive ofof hong kong, gordon, has said that we may be going past the
9:33 pm
point of no return. they have taken it to the next level in seizing and shutting down one of the world's ten busiest airports. >> yes. and clearly carrie lam is touting beijing's line of a nomadic dire threats. we've seen the videos amassing in shenzhen just across the border from hong kong and what they're trying to do is intimidate the protesters. on occasion and that does work. for instance, two days ago they got the protesters to leave the airport when they called them terrorists, but it didn't do beijing and a good because the protesters just, as they said, do you like water? they just floated out. it's very hard for beijing to control this. >> mark: what you think they actually want? there have been american flags in these protests and the old
9:34 pm
red from the colonial area. amazing to think people kept that in our cupboards since 1997. what you think the protesters on the streets, bottom line, they actually want? >> ultimately, the protesters in the streets, that includes not just for kids, but middle-class people, they want china out of their lives. china promised 50 years of one country, to systems, in other words, autonomy and beijing has not made good on that pledge, and people now have said this is our last stand, we are protecting our homes. so that's why you see this forever, which has now lasted into 11 straight weeks. by the way, these protests even go back to april. this is clearly something that people are not going to compromise on. >> mark: no, what's fascinating though is that clearly taking out the airport is a majorg provocation. does this play into the trade talks, gordon?
9:35 pm
because clearly hong kong is the boutique and, in a sense, the chinese coastal citizens and mainland china have spent the last 20 years trying to get more like hong kong rather than hong kong gettinge more like communist china. are the bureau in trouble if hong kong goes south? pickle certainly, and right now you have the chinese leader, xi jinping, the ruler and other leaders, plus former leaders meeting at a resort close to beijing. they do this almost every august, and i think right now hong kong has got to be at the top of their agenda, because they look at all the issues that affect china and certainly this is the one which is the most critical for china. >> mark: thank you for that, gordon. this situation looks like it isn't going to be quieting down anytime soon. over the past five years, the u.s. small business administration has loaned almost
9:36 pm
$200 billion to american businesses. just frombill the name, most americans think that will be going to mom and pop shop, but is that actually happen? a new book suggests not. they found small business administration gave more than 12 billion in loans to wall street. re businesses in beverly hills have received almost $120 million. at the same amount went to yacht clubs and country clubs across the country. $2 million went to tom cruise and brad pitt's eyeglass designer. founder of adam, the small business giving money to tom cruise in beverly hills doesn't sound like what this thing was set up for. >> it wasn't set up for that. actually, congress chargedd the
9:37 pm
sba to loan to those men and women, those entrepreneurs on main street that have good ideas, that can't find financing in the private marketplace. but our auditors fact-checked that promise and here's what wer found. we found that over the course of the past five years, 40,000 businesses received an sba loan later than $1 million. mark, since 2007, 70,000 businesses have receded an sba loan greater than a million dollars and we mapped all of it. everyone watching a program can come to and serve ouram interactive map and see the loan recipients, over a million dollars, from the sba right in our own neighborhoods. >> mark: is the basic problem that if you are a genuine small business, you don't have the ear of anyone who matters in washington and no matter what you call the agency or the bureaucracy, you can call it the small business administration, but the people who can pick up a telephone and talk to the guys who matter are just going to be
9:38 pm
all the usual connected elitists. t >> and you have the small business administration, supposed to be lending to small businesses, but as you mentioned at the outset, we found $12 billion didn't go to main street, that actually went to wall street. investment bankers. i want to tell you -- describe a story of the character of some of the people running those firms. hercules technology, they are based in silicon valley and palo alto, california. they received $300 million worth of sba lending. these investment brokers. they are so successful they are traded on the nasdaq with their stock andit their ceo just a couple of months ago was scooped up in the college admissions cheating scandal. he resigned as ceo, but he's still on their board. >> mark: why does he need this money from the federal government? >> well, he doesn't need the money and make no mistake, there is no public purpose to compel
9:39 pm
working and middle-class taxpayers to fund our most successful investment bankers in the country. >> mark: would you -- do you think at this stage the sba might as well be abolished? >> look, it has a pernicious impact on local economies all across the country. i want to tell you a story from my home community in hinsdale illinois. a couple of years ago, there are four high-end jewelers in my community where the average home is about a million dollars. a new entrant selling rolex jewelry showed up in town armed with $4 million worth of sba funding. so those multigenerational jewelry businesses in my town that had been in business for 20 and 50 years, all of a sudden their tax dollars were being arused against them on their hoe market. thee sba lending oftentimes unbalances a level playing field. >> mark: that's absolutely incredible, adam, thank you for that. so basically people are paying
9:40 pm
in their taxes to have their own businesses destroyed by income or spirit of marvelous. u.s. territory is begging the federal government to revise birthright citizenship laws. tucker himself, he is off the fishing boat and he will be here to discuss that right after the break. if that's on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ next on "tucker carlson to
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♪ >> mark: bullets hit an ice immigration enforcement office in san antonio earlier this morning. now federal officials say it was a targeted attack on the building. fox chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has more on trace. >> mark, the shooting happened
9:45 pm
overnight at a nice facility in san antonio. nobody was hit by gunfire but officials say there were employees working at the time and they were narrowly missed. and several windows were broken. the fbi says the location of the gunshots is no accident. watch. >> all of the shots that we have found are on the floors were ice had offices. this is no question a very targeted attack. it's not a secret facility. you can go online. it's out there. so they did some research, they knew what floors ice was on. they knew what buildings they were in and they hit those. >> one person was detained for questioning but released, and while investigators review surveillance video there is ongoing concern over the potential for future attacks with ice saying "political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians, media outlets, and activist groups recklessly disseminate to the american people regarding thely ice mission only serve to further encourage these violent
9:46 pm
acts." this comes one month after a 68-year-old man with a rifle attacked a detention center operated by ice in tacoma, .cshington, . tossing incendiary devices that cars and trying to blow up a propane tank that i said could have resulted in the "mass murder of staff and detainees." the man was shot and killed by responding officers and left behind a manifesto where he identified antifa and call detention centers concentration camps. mark. >> mark: so the demonization of ice seems to be having consequences. thank you for that, trace. here's the moment you've all been waiting for. here is tucker. >> tucker: most of us don't think about it very often, but having u.s. citizenship is a very valuable commodity. it allows a person, of course, to vote in this country but also entitles all of us to u.s. passports, welfare benefits, generous ones, college financial aid, and much more. and of course u.s. citizens can then sponsor foreign relatives
9:47 pm
to immigrate to the united states. to get these benefits, the benefits of citizenship in our current law, a person simply has to be born in the united states. doesn't matter where in the circumstances are completely irrelevant. not surprisingly, our generosity, and we are very generous to offer this, is being badly exploited. every year, tens of thousands of tourists traveled to the northern mariana islands, and american territory, just to give birth to children. those childrente automatically become american citizens. now the mariana islands are begging our congress to revisit america's birthright citizenship law so this doesn't happen. it's a travesty, they see it every day. torres is the governor of the northern mariana islands and we are happy to have them on time. governor, thanks a lot dennis. >> thank you. >> mark: how common is this problem, birth tourism in the northern mariana islands? >> it has been more common and frequent in the lastbl few years
9:48 pm
and that has been an issue more so in the last couple of years. >> tucker: where are these people coming from primarily? >> primarily from all over asia because of our geographical location. most of our tourists are from asian countries, so most of the issues come from -- originally from asian countries. >> tucker: has washington done anything about this problem? it's well known, i'm sure you've complained about it. have they done anything? >> actually, we have this part of consultation, part of the agreement for the governor writesna a letter to the presidt and through thisa consultation e have addressed our concern. we have met in the last year. if we are up with a solution to address this issue. >> tucker: so you're proposing that we get rid of birthright
9:49 pm
citizenship, is that correct? >> yes. the resolution is basically saying we acknowledge the importance of our tourism. we welcome our tourism, because that's the backbone of our economy, but to have a birth tourism as a tourism itself, we don't appreciate that because it hurt our health care, and that's the bottom line of our concern. >> mark: right. so in mainland united states, particularly in washington, people who criticize birthright tourism are denounced as racist. i don't know if you're aware of that. what you make of that fact? people who don't like birthright citizenship are racist, is that a fair thing to say? >> i don't think it's fair to say, because for>> us, we welcoe them as tourists. we have programs under security, we welcome every tourist. but to come in for the sake of
9:50 pm
giving birth, i think that's something that we should be concerned of and we are concerned, because we don't welcome -- this is not the type of image that we want to portray in the commonwealth, birth tourism. we have one of the nicest, beautiful beaches, 85 degrees all year round. the most beautiful islands and this is what we want to market, our islands, is a beautiful island to come and it's peaceful, relaxing, water activities and so forth. and that's the image and the last couple of years the national media, this type of tourism, which is just a fraction of our tourism industry. but yet those actions have the ability to have our image that what we want a to portray them . >> tucker: of course, of course, that's understandable. all of us credit dominant pay
9:51 pm
the price for this kind of exportation.n. do you think anyone in washington will listen to you? >> i believe -- i want to say that this administration has worked closely with our administration. we've never had a better administration that really had the opportunity toet come down d watch and listen and address our concerns and i believe to the leadership of the white house, we do have really good supporters from both the house and the senate. i believe this issue will be addressed, and i hope it's addressed soon. again through the 902 consultation, the relationship we had with the united states government, that is a mechanism that i believe is an appropriate way to address the concerns that we have with the white house and of course the legislature and congress.e >> mark: we are certainly rooting for you, thank you for coming on tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much.
9:52 pm
>> mark: island, france, scandinavia, none of the places liberals want to be more like having that. "teen vogue" was supposed to be a fashion magazine for middle school girls. now instead of taking them about leggings, it's telling them how to get abortions. that's up next. ♪ when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. i felt withdrawn, alone... having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental.
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♪ >> mark: it's hard to pay the bills of magazines these days. some have adapted by cutting staff or trying to become more interesting. "teen vogue" tried something else, becoming a teen girl version of prada. over the weekend, the magazine used snapchat stories to instruct girls on how to get abortions without telling their parents. abby johnson is a former planned parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist. she is also the real-life inspiration for the movie "unplanned."
9:57 pm
which just came out on dvd. and abby joins us now. this is a real shock from "teen vogue," abby, because they are basically are telling young girls, minors, how to get an abortion without ever bringing their parents into the picture at all. >> sure, i mean, this is exactly what planned parenthood and the abortion industry and the abortion lobby, which includes "teen vogue," has been trying to do for years, except right now," they are even more brazen about it. you know, my child, i have eight children, my children are in school, and cannot even take an aspirin without a note from the can't go to the tanning salon. can't go get their ears pierced, but yet, "teen vogue" is telling them how to get an abortion without me even >> mark: you can't even go on a school trip without getting theo parents to sign liability waivers just for going and looking at a museum 30 miles up the road. if they want to go to an abortion clinic 30 miles up the
9:58 pm
road, "teen vogue" thinks that doesn't require any kind of liability.le >> sure. >> mark: you know the abortion industry from inside out, and you know that the ugliness inside the clinic is at odds with the euphemisms, and the civil rights perspective it is presented with in public by democrats and liberals. >> yeah. absolutely. i mean, this is just -- it's example after example of how the abortion industry is trying to essentially become giants and theom moral authority in our children's lives and the lives of our society. we are seeing it all the time.nd you know, when i first started working at planned parenthood, it was about keeping abortions safe, legal, and rare. now, it's no longer about that. now, we don't care about women being safe, we don't care about clinics being clean, it's about access, and now they are getting to our children.
9:59 pm
in school sex education, and through grooming our children, through these liberal rags. >> mark: that's a great way of putting it, abby. they are actually trying to groom our children. thank you for that. before we go, we want to once again remind you of the sheer strength of the governor's brother, cnn's fredo cuomo, chris cuomo, i'm sorry about that, has probably quit equinox, the right wing gym that is now to be banned. but he is working out somewhere, we are sure. look at this guy. letting the f-bombs fly as he lifts those -- what are those, 4-ounce weights? very impressive, look at that. he is pumping iron. a blizzard of f-words. amazing. spectacular. amazing. with that, tune in each night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.
10:00 pm
dvr us. if you have a clue what that is, tucker doesn't, i tried it, but that's surprisingly easy. much more agreeable way than bumping into chris cuomo from the restaurant. good night from new york. the man is here, sean hannity. t >> sean: mark, are going to let you and chris fight it out. i'll explain later in the program why i don't think he needed to apologize to anybody.n he needed the apology, in that case. we will get to that. we have big breaking news, multiplele fronts. we begin tonight, we will bring you the very latest on yet another violent attack at an immigration and customs facility. now, if talk radio, fox news, and president trump, according to the left and "the new york times," top fold, front page. if we are responsible for the el paso shooting, we are not sure the media mob, but led by "the new york times," they are going to blame all of the democrats and, frankly,


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